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While it is becoming easier and easier to watch TV online, there is a chaotic number of content options. You can watch TV when you want, wherever you want, on an. Yet content is spread over different apps, making it hard to remember just where you spotted that movie you wanted to watch.

As viewership continues to rise online — with real-time entertainment such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. now responsible for more than two-thirds of downstream bytes on access networks during peak periods — you can be overwhelmed by options.

Also, when watching TV online through mobile, it can be difficult getting all of the apps needed to watch each favorite program to fit on your phone or tablet (unless you want to delete that photo album from your family vacation last summer). Beyond that, it’s simply a hassle to have seven different subscription services to sort through when all you want to do is relax and watch tv online.

Watch TV on Bhaalu

Viewers looking to watch the TV programming they love online in an easier way will enjoy Bhaalu’s intuitive content platform. Bhaalu brings together all the Internet-accessible subscription services in one place for streaming on a mobile device, laptop, or television.

Also use Bhaalu’s software to:

  • Discover content through Bhaalu recommendations and selections from social networks.
  • Curate the content in easy-to-customize personal channels.
  • Save content to a Watch Later channel

Bhaalu’s free software is available to viewers on their favorite mobile devices and via a compact streaming stick or the Bhaalu Box, which also captures free to air broadcast content, no bunny ears required!

Bhaalu invites users to watch, discover, play, and share — all in one easy-to-navigate place —all as part of a unique community of individuals looking to conquer the content chaos.

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In today's vast digital universe, access to video content is scattered across various screens and streaming services. It is increasingly difficult to find and watch the content you want, when you want it. Television, movies, games and other video content reside on all of our devices, whether a tablet, TV, computer or phone. Bhaalu offers a unique Internet and broadcast aggregation and curation platform for consumers, brands, content creators, broadcasters and TV distributors. Discover, share, create and recommend the content you care about.