Stream TV. Find your Favorites Anytime. Anywhere.

As more viewers choose to stream TV, appointment television is a thing of the past. Yet, viewers today now struggle to find content they’ll enjoy in the sea of available content options. Many binge watch familiar favorites instead of exploring new options.

Streaming viewers looking to expand what they watch in a focused way will enjoy Bhaalu’s easy-to-use, intuitive content platform. Stream TV, internet or personal content on your mobile device, laptop, or television using Bhaalu’s software to:

  • Discover content from recommendations from your social network.
  • Watch your content when you want and where you want all on one platform.
  • Curate and share your content through simple to customize personal channels.

Bhaalu takes the hassle out of streaming TV by letting viewers easily find new content to watch or play from broadcast and internet sources. Plus, find out what Facebook friends are recommending and check out their favorites.

Integrating internet, broadcast and personal content with social sharing and smart search, Bhaalu incorporates all streaming television’s best attributes. With the software available on mobile devices and compact streaming sticks or the Bhaalu Box, which also captures free to air broadcast content, viewers can enjoy their content easily, everywhere.

Content curation makes Bhaalu unique. Users can easily customize personal channels, save content to their own Watch Later channel, and get new ideas of what to stream from Bhaalu’s own channels and those created by other community members.

Discover, play, and share — become a part of a unique community and take back your television.

Stream TV with Bhaalu

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About Bhaalu

In today's vast digital universe, access to video content is scattered across various screens and streaming services. It is increasingly difficult to find and watch the content you want, when you want it. Television, movies, games and other video content reside on all of our devices, whether a tablet, TV, computer or phone. Bhaalu offers a unique Internet and broadcast aggregation and curation platform for consumers, brands, content creators, broadcasters and TV distributors. Discover, share, create and recommend the content you care about.