Frequently Asked Questions

The Bhaalu Stick is a small device that easily plugs into the HDMI port on your TV using an HDMI cable. Connect the Bhaalu Stick to a power source and you are on your way to streaming all of your favorite shows, game applications, and Internet content on the big screen whenever you want! Once the Bhaalu Stick is plugged in and connected to the Internet, you will have instant access to a library of user created channels, as well as available applications within the Google Play Store.

Beyond this simple explanation, you might still have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Bhaalu.

1. How does Bhaalu work?

Bhaalu helps you aggregate all television, Internet and gaming content available to you by creating and sharing curated channels using a variety of sources. The Bhaalu Stick is the hardware that brings these channels to TV screens.

2. How do I make a channel?

Within the Bhaalu interface, navigate to Your Content. Here you will be able to add and update your channels. Click on the + to add a new channel, or click on your existing channels to update the videos and descriptions associated with them.

3. How do I find channels?

Once you have launched the Bhaalu application on your Stick, tap on the left side of the screen to view the vertical dimensions of channels available to you. Navigate up and down the list until you find the channel you wish to watch. You can then navigate through the different videos within the channel using the horizontal dimension on the bottom of your screen. The right side’s vertical dimension contains videos that are related to the video you are currently streaming.

4. Do I need the Bhaalu Stick to watch channels on Bhaalu?

We are in the process of rolling out Bhaalu mobile, which allows you to access content available on Bhaalu on the go. Once launched, you will not need the Bhaalu Stick to access content on your laptop, smartphone, or other devices.

About Bhaalu

In today's vast digital universe, access to video content is scattered across various screens and streaming services. It is increasingly difficult to find and watch the content you want, when you want it. Television, movies, games and other video content reside on all of our devices, whether a tablet, TV, computer or phone. Bhaalu offers a unique Internet and broadcast aggregation and curation platform for consumers, brands, content creators, broadcasters and TV distributors. Discover, share, create and recommend the content you care about.

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